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For our beloved citizens

We incentivize you for segregating scrap

If you segregate your recyclables properly, we love you. We will provide you doorstep, hassle-free pickup, super service and transparent pricing.

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For businesses

Earn by selling scrap, hassle-free

If you are a small business owner, our technology will change the way you encash scrap by providing detailed reporting and multiple encashment options.

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For vendors and recyclers

Grow your business, join our network

EnCashea provides you a streamlined way of sourcing scrap. Join our growing network to gain access to our sourcing platform.

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How It Works

Encashea for convenience

Book at your ease

Schedule a pick-up through website/mobile.

Encashea for easy pickup

Segregate and keep it ready

Segregate and keep your items ready.

Encashea for rewards

Get paid upfront

We pick-up your items and pay you instantly.

Current prices

  • Newspaper - Rs. 10.0/kg

  • Books & Magazines - Rs. 6.0/kg

  • Plastic Scrap - Rs. 7.0/kg

  • Metals - Rs. 10.0/kg

  • ††  Clothes - Rs. 3.0/kg

  • Glass Bottle (Unbroken) - Rs. 0.5/kg

  • Cardboard (Flattened) - Rs. 5.0/kg

  • **  E-Waste (Electrical/Electronic) - Rs. 10.0/kg

  • Laptop - Rs. 300.0/Piece

* E-waste - Please refer to FAQ for pricing of bulky E-Waste items.

* Please note, currently, we are not taking wooden items, polyethene bags/covers or hazardous material.

†† Used wearable clothes only, not rags or waste/soiled clothes

*** Bulk scrap dealers and corporate producers may qualify for better rates. Please register as a bulk/corporate user.

Manage scrap and recycling on your mobile device

EnCashea's platform helps you encash your scrap at the ease of a few clicks. We pay you for segregating your recyclable scrap properly, lowering environmental impact.

Manage scrap using EnCashea on mobile
Manage scrap using EnCashea on mobile

Earn cash from your business by-product

EnCashea's platform empowers small business owners to encash their business scrap. Our technology will change the way you encash scrap providing detailed reporting and multiple encashment options.

Join our network of vendors and recylers

Join EnCashea's growing network of vendors and recyclers. We can help you grow your businesses through a strategic sourcing platform.

EnCashea for Recyclers
EnCashea for sustainability

Sustainability and social responsibility

Using EnCashea's solutions, companies and individuals can divert masses of scrap from being dumped in landfills. We have partnered with TeachForIndia to further cause of non-profit initiatives through our platform.

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What people are saying

Testimonial 1

On time, neat and clean process, and advanced soft invoicing. Felt like contributing to recycling effort, and I got paid... thats just awesome. You have made cleaning fun, and rewarding at the same time. Its high time such a service reached everybody's door...

- Deepak Kumar, Purva Riviera, Bangalore

Testimonial 2

This was such a nice experience. Prompt, professional service. I would be using their services every month from now on and contribute my bit to recycling our resources and preserving our environment.

- Kamal Gupta, Purva Fountain Square, Bangalore

Testimonial 3

...Very easy and convenient way to get rid of waste at home. I am very much impressed with the way these people work. It was never a hassle free task to remove the waste before this...

- Sudha Goswami, Alpine Eco, Bangalore